Test Prep Testimonials for Cisco, CCNA and More

Cisco, CCNA, AWS, Routing & Switching, Subnetting (you can do it!), Net Doctor’s, and more – our students love our courses because they prepare them for these network certification tests like nobody else can. Our bootcamps and courses use machine learning to help you easily learn the material, and pass your test with confidence. Don’t take our word for it, scroll down and see what our students have to say about Alphaprep.

Cisco Course Testimonial

"I recommend AlphaPrep Highly because the online tests give you a indication on which level you are on and how far you are away from passing the actual exam This is the best Cisco exam learning machine app on the market HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Sami Vig

CCNA Course Testimonial

"Thank you so much to have this online course. This an amazing course to understand many network topics. I believe that everyone can pass the CCNA just by having this course."

Yunus Buyuktas

CCENT Course Testimonial

"I was finally making consistently high grades, and was at a level 10 on Alphaprep's readiness scale. The real exam was challenging as expected, but I felt very prepared for it and passed my CCENT exam with a lot of hard work and repeated testing thanks to Alphaprep."

Bryan Sproles

Network Certification Testimonial

"Your tool is a very good way of checking what topics I missed after reading the book. Very useful. I passed the exam recently with a 900+ score."

Dragos Amzucu

Bootcamp Testimonial

"The content and instructor is easy to follow and understand, with a build up of basic concepts into more complex scenarios that are logical and evolutionary. T his is an excellent approach that allows students to advance through the material at a comfortable pace without feeling rushed or lulled."

Nicholas Lowfoon

ICND1 Course Testimonial

"Thank you. Your platform really helped me learn the topics I needed to pass the ICND1. Im very excited to start ICND2."

Jacob Akgul

CCENT 10 Day Free Trial Testimonial

"Student at Oregon Institute of Technology"

Kevin Versteeg

Alphaprep Course Testimonial

"Student at Oregon Institute of Technology"

Ryan Minor

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