The Superheroes of AlphaPrep

Meet the team that makes AlphaPrep possible.

Joe Franzen

CEO / Founder

Joe is one of the two founders of AlphaPrep. He is extremely well versed in the art of making bios. Most bios seem average in comparison to ones written by Joe.

Mike Ireland


Mike is one of the two founders of AlphaPrep. He is a proficient programer and he also loves to cook.

Colin Lebens


I am a software engineer with a B.S. in Computer Engineering with a past career as a patent attorney. I have the most experience with a Full Stack C# Web development, but I am adaptable and have experience working within other languages and frameworks as well.

Austin Davies

Lead Software Architect/Developer

Austin started programming back in 2010 and hasn't stopped since. For him, programming is more than just a career; programming has the power to allow oneself to be as creative as his/her mind is capable of.

Ramez Dous

Marketing Evangelist / Coach

Online trainer since 2008. Passionate about helping others. Highly motivated and enthusiastic towards certifications. Cisco and CompTIA certified.

Lazaro Diaz

Instructor / Coach

I am a Network Engineer with many years in the field and an eternal student. This gives me a unique understanding of what a student requires to succeed.

Jim Wallace

Network Engineer and Consultant

Jim is a consultant for swat studios, he specializes in algorithm efficiency and was literally born with an abacus in hand.

Brandon Eskew

Content Manager

Brandon is an IT professional with over 10 years experience; he is currently managing the installation of new networks for a large enterprise sized company. He enjoys being involved with the community and helping others succeed.

Randy Klug

Content Manager

Is a teacher, technical writer, and retired Air Force veteran. Randy started his IT career in 1982 while in the military. He is very passionate about IT and teaching.